Welcome to Endeavour Veterinary Ecology

1695 Pumicestone Rd,
Toorbul QLD 4510

Company Profile
Endeavour Veterinary Ecology P/L is an Australian company based in Toorbul, Queensland, that provides specialised ecological, veterinary and wildlife management services. We have a high level of expertise in the management of wildlife, particularly koalas, including wildlife population health assessment, veterinary population management and reproductive control, disease surveillance and ecology, disease investigation, scientific research and development of koala management plans. We also provide training in safe koala capture and handling, veterinary procedures and koala management, and remote drug delivery methods (use of dart guns and blow-pipes).

Best Practice
Endeavour Veterinary Ecology develops and delivers humane and best-practice solutions to wildlife management issues.   We are uncompromising in providing services and solutions to our clients that ensure high standards of animal welfare and optimal ecological outcomes.

We pride ourselves on:
   setting best practice benchmarks for koala management
   providing sound advice and expertise on the management and conservation of wildlife
   high quality reporting and deliverables provided on time and within budget
   highly skilled, passionate, driven and experienced staff

Facilities and Equipment

Endeavour Veterinary Ecology has brand-new veterinary facilities located in Toorbul, Queensland. This purpose-built wildlife facility can provide a full range of veterinary services from routine health checks to complex diagnostic and surgical procedures. It can also house a small number of koalas for short and long-term hospital stays...read more